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Machine Learning Solutions for Life Sciences

NaturalText's Machine Learning Algorithms can process Scientific Papers, Bio Sequences to find patterns and help scientists, researchers to advance their research.

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Machine Learning Solutions for Financial Sector

NaturalText's Machine Learning Algorithms can combine various data formats, cross verify for incorrect information, help companies to know more from the data

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Artificial Learning and Reasoning Tool

NaturalText's Artificial Learning Tool based on multiple algorithms is developed to learn, infer, reason with the facts. It can make implicit facts as explicit and show new facts generated from existing data. Tool can show the existing data in different ways.

Graph Framework

NaturalText's state of the art Graphical Framework is the base for Machine Learning tasks.

About Us

Started two years ago, NaturalText team is working in NLP and Machine Learning Technologies to solve the issues in Natural Language Understanding. It is part of Siva Raja Technologies Pvt Ltd, and funded by family and friends.

Contact Email rajasankar@naturaltext.com