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NIPS papers dataset

PDFs from NIPS downloaded and converted into text. PDFs converted into text using pdftotext tool.

Each paper name, author details are in provided in the following format in JSON or PICKLE file


In this filename corresponds to text name of the file in the full dataset.

Information extracted from raw text. There is no formating, no cleanup etc, text from pdftotext was fed to the algorithm to generate the below details.

Some of the extracted information is below

(2010) Predicted residue-residue contacts
(2010) Statistically optimal perception
(2010) Stimulus-dependent Suppression of Chaos
(2010) Stimulus-dependent Suppression of Intrinsic
(2010) Temporal context calibrates
(2010) Tree-Structured Compressive Sensing
(LA) and GARCH one day ahead volatility forecasts
(LBP), Local Phase Quantization
(LCM and ICA) are complementary,
(LCN [6]) (after down-sampling
(LDA and QDA) to hand-written digit
(LDA) [Blei et al., 2003]
(LDA) and K-nearest neighbor
(LDA) and Support Vector Machines
(LDA, FTM and RSM),
(LDS), which operates on
(NIPS 2007), Vancouver, BC, Canada,
(NIPS 2008), Cambridge, MA:
(NIPS 2008), pages 1081–1088,
(NIPS 2009), pages 1607–1614,
13th Eurographics workshop on Rendering,
13th European Signal Processing Conference, Antalya/Turkey,
13th European Symposium on Artificial
13th International Workshop on Artificial Intelligence and Statistics,
13th International World Wide Web Conference,
13th Symposium on Adaptive Processes, pages 505–509,
13th conference on USENIX Security Symposium-Volume 13, page
13th international conference on
13th international conference on Discovery science,
13th international conference on World Wide Web
18th international conference on World Wide Web,
18th international conference on World wide web, pages 111–120,
18th international joint conference on Artificial intelligence, pages 1019–1024,
AAAI Press, Menlo Park, CA,
AAAI Press/The MIT Press, Menlo Park,
AAAI Spring Symposium on Computational Approaches for Analyzing Weblogs,
AAAI Spring Symposium on Cross-Language Text and Speech Retrieval,
AAAI Workshop on Computer Poker and Imperfect Information,
AAAI Workshop on Generalized Planning,
AAAI Workshop on Intelligent Tech-
AAAI Workshop on Plan, Activity, and Intent
AAAI Workshop on Statistical Relational AI,
AdaBoost [9], LogitBoost [11], LPBoost
AdaBoost [Freund and Schapire, 1997]
AdaBoost [Freund and Schapire, 1997],
AdaBoost according to AUPRG and Logistic Regression
AdaBoost and Logistic Regression
AdaBoost and Support Vector Machines
Aggregate adjacent searchlights Examining
Aggregate mappings have 𝑏 chances to adjust
Aggregating Optimistic Planning Trees
Aggregating forecasts of chance from incoherent and abstaining
Calderhead, Riemann Manifold Langevin
Calderhead, Riemann manifold Langevin
Calhoun, V.D., Adali, T., Pearlson, G.D., Pekar, J.J.:
Calibrated Surrogates for Expected Rank Utility
Calibrated Surrogates for Low Rank Loss Matrices
Calibrated Surrogates for Low-Rank Loss
Calibrated Surrogates for Pairwise Disagreement
Calibrated Surrogates for Precision@q
California - San Francisco.For up-to-date
California President’s Postdoctoral Fellowship
Discriminative mixture-of-templates for viewpoint
Discriminatively Trained Deformable Part
Discriminatively Trained Part-based Models, IEEE TPAMI,
Implications on Uniqueness of Overcomplete Tucker and CP Tensor Decompositions:
Implicit Differentiation by Perturbation
Implicit Linearizations Require Explicit Consideration
Implicit Surface Joint Limits to Constrain Video-Based
Polynomial Randomized Approximation Scheme
Polyphonic piano note transcription
Polytopes Associated with Submodular Functions
Ponce, “Beyond Bags of Features:
Ponce, “Beyond bag of features:
Ponce, “Beyond bags of features:
TIMIT Acoustic-phonetic Continuous Speech
TIMIT corpus contains 5040 English sentences spoken by 630 different speakers
TIMIT corpus of 20.5%,
TIMIT corpus, which surpasses
TIMIT model, Chris Burges, Li Deng, Ran Gilad-
TIMIT speech corpus has 462 speakers
TIMIT, Li Deng and Ossama Abdel-
TIMIT, an internationally renowned
algorithms,” Approximation, Randomization and Combinatorial Opti-
algorithms,” Machine Vision and Applications,
algorithm’s applicability is partly biolog-
algorithm’s workers collectively touch
data-driven attributes are complementary to human-labeled
data-driven distributionally robust polynomial optimization—DRO
data-driven manner, one establishes non-asymptotic data-dependent
data-driven proposals, refined by re-running
data-driven searchlight Each data-driven searchlight
data-driven searchlight helped classify
data-driven searchlight they came from,
data-driven software tool for enabling cooperative
data-set consisted of 1600 presentations of drifting gratings (16 directions,
electrodes had eight 40 µm microwires
electrodes implanted in cortex [1], electrocorticography
electrodes marked in blue/grey
electrodes or calcium imaging), real-time
electroencephalography (EEG), ipsilateral hand
electrolytes, dielectric, fused, squares,
electron neutrinos from muon neutrinos
food and water constitute
food deprivation in rats
food is eaten, new food reappears
food pellet, +25 for eating a ghost and −100
food pellets while avoiding moving ghosts
food via stomach fistula
food webs with emphasis on ecological
foods have reinforcing effect,
frontal and occipital lobes
frontal cortex and basal ganglia [29, 30]
frontal cortex biopsies in Alzheimer’s disease:
frontal eye field in countermanding
frontal lobe of AD
frontal pole, right lateral occipital gyrus,
frontier are characterised entirely
fruit fly olfactory receptor
fruitful discussions with Alberto Su´arez, Theofanis Karaletsos
fruits over vegetables, or perhaps indifference
pioneer studies started from 1980s [Bertsekas and Tsitsiklis,
pipeline jungles are symptomatic
pipeline to convert music
pipelines [32], down-sampled to 63 × 76 × 63
pipelining schedule, the master
pipelining, concurrent memory accesses
pitch and azimuth ro-
pitch assignments, this resulted
recording technologies have enabled the recording of popu-
recording times lie on reg-
recording while listening to East African and Western musical rhythms thus enabling
recording, a transcription T comprising
recordings, the immobilized fish
recordings, we examined multi-electrode
two-sided ideal of Hilbert-Schmidt operators
two-sided paired t-test with Bonferroni
two-stage approach raises an awkward situa-
two-stage methods, TC OVERAGE L EARNER
two-stage multi-source domain adaptation
two-stage multisplittings [18, 14],
two-stage noisy voting that builds
two-stage wrapper techniques came
two-state Hidden Markov Model
two-state ergodic and reversible
two-step differentially private algorithm:
two-syllable nouns, each begin-
two-tailed Bonferroni corrected t-test:
virus, cells, epstein, barr, murine, antibody,
virus, leukemia, murine, sarcoma, cells,
virus, murine, leukemia, cells, sarcoma,
virus, sarcoma, avian, gene, transforming, genome,
virus, simian, rna, cells, vesicular, stomatitis,
visa, nation act, victim, detent,
vised, unsupervised, or domain-knowledge driven

Download text of papers.

Download raw extracted information in this link, with some clean up and information with length of more 3 words.

Download meta data info about papers in JSON and PICKLE.

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